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Know How
Classic life tips is 29
Released in 2014-01-18
 1: with toothpaste opportunely, if there is a small area of skin damage or burn and scald, wipe on a few toothpaste, can immediately stop bleeding pain, also can prevent infection, curative effect is good.
2: in addition to the screen greasy opportunely, washing powder, together with the rest of the cigarette smoking can be put in water, after being dissolved, clean Windows, window screen, effect is good.
3: the shrimp in a bowl, add a little salt, edible alkali powder, use hand grasp soaked with water after rub for a while, and then remove with clean water, so can make Fried shrimp as transparent as crystal, tender and tasty.
4: and tips for dumplings, and six in 1 kg flour mixed with egg white, make flour protein increases, package dumplings pot protein will soon after solidification shrinkage, collect water after the dumpling dish up fast, is not easy to adhesion.
5: the remnants of tea into the water a few days later, pouring in plant roots, can promote plant growth;Put dried tea leaves, the toilet or smoked, ditch can eliminate the stench, with functions of away the flies.
6: rawish meal cooking method, if the raw rice, can use chopsticks in the rice of hole some pass-through of pan, sprinkle with a little rice wine stewed, if only raw surface, as long as the surface turn to middle braised again can.
7: if must steam when cooking vegetables, blanch dish of water is best to use as much as possible.Such as dumplings, blanch, good water could put in meat, which save the nutrition, and make the dumpling stuffing tasty soup.
Tip 8: scrambled eggs, the eggs into the bowl, stir evenly, add a little warm water into the frying pan fry, fry drops into the pan a little wine, like Fried eggs fleeciness, fresh and delicious.
9: how to use an earthenware pot, new bought an earthenware pot used for the first time, best used to cook porridge, or boil the water that clean out rice, use it to block the casserole micro pore, prevent water penetration.
No 10: use opportunely "thirteen", stew in the dried tangerine or orange peel, and/or rich;Eat beef and mutton and angelica dahurica, in addition to the shan increases fresh;Homemade sausage with cinnamon, delicious;Bacon smoked chicken with cloves, delicious.
11: and tips for dumplings, noodles and slightly harder, and on the bowl lid tightly sealed, after 10-15 minutes Xing, swell the surface such as the protein, fully formed gluten before making dumplings.
12: parsley is an umbrella flowering plants, is rich in essential oil, fragrance is full-bodied, but essential oil volatilization extremely easily, and can not stand long time heating, best just before serving, add cilantro, to retain its aroma.
13: when high temperature washing or drying process, do not touch ChuJi glass door, so as to avoid burns.Take out drying clothes, be careful of the clothing metal parts, such as zippers, buttons, etc., so as to avoid burns.
14: if the collar and cuffs is dirty, can have clothing into the first dissolve detergent in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes, and then to normal washing, can be washed.
15: how to use an earthenware pot, use an earthenware pot boil soup, stew, drain into the casserole, add sand pot on the fire, with slow fire first, and then stir-fried.
16: when cooking vegetables, add some diamond powder amyloid, make soup thick thick, not only can make the cooking the vegetables delicious, and because of the starch containing GSH, have protective effect on vitamins.
17: rice if burnt, hurriedly will fire off, put a piece of bread on the top of the rice, cover the pot, after 5 minutes, bread skin can make the smell of burnt food absorption.
18: washing powder dosage, if not too dirty or washing clothes too much foam, is to reduce the dosage of washing powder.Avoid using too much washing powder, not only save money but also protect the environment, can make the washing machine is more durable.
19: to add enough water, when boiled dumpling with water after add 2% salt, dissolved after the dumplings, can increase the toughness of gluten, dumplings, not sticky, sticky bottom, the colour and lustre of dumplings will turn white, b. dumplings incense.
20: many people love to eat green vegetables, but don't love to drink soup, in fact, when cooking, most of the vitamin is dissolved in the soup.Such as Chinese cabbage Fried, there will be 70% of the vitamin C dissolved in the soup.
21: if a white socks turned yellow, can use detergent solution soak for 30 minutes before washing.For milk stains on the clothes, use detergent to besmirch preprocessing, and then for regular washing.
22: how to use an earthenware pot, casseroles, from above the fire must be put in dry wood or straw MATS, not on the ceramic tile, or concrete surface.
23: when burned meat, the drunk, then add some vinegar, food will be delicious.Burn vegetarian dishes such as bean sprouts, add bit of vinegar, appropriate taste good nutrition, because vinegar have protective effect on vitamins.
24: bread can remove oil stains, when have dinner, clothes if dyed by oil stains, usable fresh white bread gently friction, oil stains can be removed.
25: swab with residual tea wood, bamboo furniture, can make it more bright and clean.The dried tea leaves, spread in damp place, be able to tide;When dried tea residue, but also into the pillowcase ACTS as pillow core, very soft.
After 26: dumplings boiled, scoop out the dumplings with produced first, then soak in warm water rinse, then on the plate, dumplings will not stick together each other.
The hang of 27: Fried shrimp, Fried shrimp, can first boiling water soaked the shrimp with cinnamon, then Fried, Fried shrimp, so taste more delicious.
28: vegetables be Fried to eat now now as far as possible, avoid long time heat preservation and heat for many times.In addition, in order to make stick easily cooked, can add a few water tightness after quick fry ripe.
29: bread can remove the dirt, the small piece of carpet in the home if dirty, can use hot bread crumbs to wipe, then hang it in the shade, after 24 hours, stains can be cleaned out.