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Know How
Enhance immunity to do at ten o 'clock
Released in 2014-01-18

Immunity is the body of a natural barrier, like firewall protection from foreign virus, bacterium.Also is what we usually call the resistance.Many people have this experience: cold, some people catch a cold, some people safe.This is all their own immunity.Pathogenic factors of resistance to strong immune system plays a key role.Especially in the face of the cancer, kidney disease, copd symptoms such as erosion, strong immunity can play the role of antivirus software.
1. A balanced diet
Nutrients are distributed in different kinds of food, feeding the partial eclipse, the people will be because of a lack of nutrients in the eat less of certain foods and cause the body appear some lack of symptoms.
2. Vitamin C intake
Daily intake of about 200-500 mg, helps the body resistance.Weapons used by the body against foreign pathogens (i.e. is immune cells) or the size of the stress are related to the amount of vitamin C.
3. Vitamin E
Eat vitamin E 200 iu a day (international units), can strengthen its ability to fight the infection.Vitamin E can not only develop its antioxidant functions, long-term use can make the immune response more obvious improvement.
4. Don't abuse of antibiotics
Instead some diseases caused by bacteria caused by a virus, so antibiotics is invalid.Because of antibiotics can reduce patient molecular police p53 protein (genes responsible for regulating the immune system), so if not sure is bacterial infections are not to take antibiotics.
5. Moderate drinking
Alcohol can inhibit manufacturing antibody immune cells (B cells), to increase the chances of bacteria infection.The wine has the effect of lowering cholesterol, but still had better no more than one drink a day.
6. Exercise for 30 minutes every day
Movement as long as can make rapid heartbeat, to have a walk after dinner is very suitable.Too intense, or more than one hour body will produce some hormones, suppress the immune system activity.
7. Massage
Massage to relax the body, reduce stress hormones produced harm the immune system.Massage every day for a long time can increase the number of immune cells and immune ability improved significantly.
8. Always keep happy mood
To be in a good mood can reduce stress hormones.More research pointed out that "smile" can stimulate the activity of immune cells, enhance immunity.
9. Take time to affectation of daydreaming
Spend 5 to 10 minutes a day, take a deep breath, daydreaming, keep happy beautiful picture by the mind, can strengthen the activity of cells and increase the number of immune cells, enhance immunity.
10. Appropriate to vent stress and anger
By keeping a diary, to participate in group activities, to participate in public welfare activities, or someone to talk to all can, appropriate to vent pressure in the heart by different pipes.Pressure backlog in the heart will not only a large amount of consumption of vitamin C can make more stress hormones cause the body immune system, bring down the immune system.