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Know How
Burns right processing method How to minimized the injured
Released in 2014-01-18

Meet burns or sprain, right processing method not only can help you relieve pain, still can make better wound healing.
After burn, the first to flush with plenty of cold water flows, local temperature, so as to effectively reduce the skin to prevent further damage to the skin deep high temperature.In general should rinse for 15 minutes, the water don't be too big, otherwise it will flush out some skin tissue.It is important to note that the damaged skin after burns has lost the protection of the skin, rinse water temperature too low, more can't use ice, in order to prevent frostbite again;And skin is not broken sprains, bumps should ice within 48 hours, relieve local pain and swelling, but each time the ice time also shoulds not be more than 20 minutes, and had better use towel wrapped ice bag, in order to prevent frostbite of the skin.
When handling burn skin and don't take off the adhesion of clothing, used scissors to cut open the clothes after reoccupy cold water.After scald skin resistance is poorer, it is easy to infection, so after the cold water, do not recommend using some folk prescription daub ointment, such as honey, toothpaste, soy sauce, etc., so as not to increase the risk.In addition, also can't use a band-aid to avoid poor drainage of secretions and secondary infection.
There is such a case, a more than 1 year old child arm was hot soup scald, parents find out after scald area, use scissors to cut open sleeves, then use cold water to wash the wound, and mother go to the pharmacy to buy burn ointment and sterile gauze, rinse after cooling, will burn ointment evenly daub on the gauze, and then bandage on the wound.When it was raining outside, in order to avoid infection, parents also didn't choose to go to the hospital immediately, but wait for the rain stopped.Due to handled well, children are the part of the burns recovered well.For area, therefore, is not too big not too heavy, degree burns, outside the hospital treatment is very important.Of course, if there is a large area of the burn, the doctor in time.