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Know How
Open the eight kinds of cheap anti-cancer food
Released in 2014-01-18

Pumpkin: is known as "god melon"
In some countries, it is known as "god melon", because it can not only for food, but also for food.Americans had to eat pumpkin on Thanksgiving, gratitude for the pumpkin.But, in our country, it has been very little cultivation.
Pumpkin can prevent obesity, diabetes and hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia, have very good effect on cancer prevention, pumpkin of the high content of vitamin A, is impossible.Also contain rich vitamin C, calcium and cellulose, still contain carcinogens tryptophan - P unknown components.
Balsam pear: li shizhen described it as "a first-class melon"
Bitter melon in folk treatment polarization is serious, a lot of people are "good" this one mouthful, also some people to stay at a respectful distance from sb.But give it good "identity" is truly great medical scientist in Ming dynasty, li shizhen, he described it as "a first-class melon", is a rare cancer melon.
Western medicine more proof, balsam pear anti-cancer efficacy from a species quinine protein, it is a kind of can activate the immune cells, the activity of protein by immune cells do "setter", to kill the cancer cells or other abnormal cells.Bitter melon seeds contain a protease inhibitor, can inhibit tumor cells secrete proteases, thereby inhibition of cancer cell invasion and metastasis.
Kelp: can prevent breast cancer and thyroid cancer
Kelp Chinese medicine called "kelp", can prevent breast cancer and thyroid cancer.Seaweed is rich in iodine, can prevent the great neck disease has been widely known in China, in fact, seaweed and other many "ability", it contains sodium alginate and carcinogenesis of strontium, cadmium strong combining ability, and put them out of the body;Kelp can selectively kill or inhibit bacteria in the gut can produce carcinogens, contain fiber can promote the excretion of bile acid and cholesterol;Seaweed extract has a direct inhibitory effect to all kinds of cancer cells.
Sweet potato: anticancer market gradually been forgotten
Side warm hand his work with winter as a child holding a delicious roasted sweat potapoes zongzi days has a lot of young people's memory, and spread his work with the past done selling roasted sweat potapoes now almost no trace to be found, with the improvement of economic conditions, research shows that urban residents in our country many people no longer eat sweet potato.
Sweet potato: alias sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, is considered to be illnesses live is an excellent food, diet and health.Actually sweet potato also has powerful anti-cancer function.Recent science and technology personnel in sweet potato has discovered a substance to hydrogen therapy, it can prevent the happening of the bowel and breast cancer.
Eggplant: "a frost eggplant" is a good medicine
Many Chinese traditional medicine prescription and folk prescription, often use "settling old eggplant", "cream cheese".More and more evidence that the eggplant with anticancer function.Have test a non-toxic substances extracted from eggplant, used in the treatment of gastric cancer, cervical cancer and received good effect.In addition, eggplant contain solanine base, gourd vegetable, water Sue alkali, choline, basil, tomato variety of alkaloids substances, such as colour glucoside of solanine base element is proved to have anti-cancer ability, gourd, tomato and tomato, tomato, tomato juice is good medicine, ancient have autumn eggplant root records for the treatment of tumor.
Eggplant also contains rich nutrients, in addition to low vitamin A, C, almost as much as with tomatoes and other vitamins and minerals and protein and calcium and even three times higher than tomatoes.
Bran: best anti-cancer food fiber
Took off the alias gluten, wheat flour kind of skin, used for feed, don't eat.Feed cattle with wheat bran, the skin ruddy, hair sleek, healthier shape, now the wheat bran is paid attention to by the people day by day, for health, many western institutions called for people to eat whole grains, and whole grains.Whole grains that put the full grain of wheat to make flour again tell wheat bran, with this kind of flour food.
Wheat bran is the main nutritional components of "warehouse", B vitamins, selenium, magnesium and other minerals and cellulose are nearly all in it.In the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypercholesterolemia, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.Therefore, many experts believe that wheat bran dietary fiber is one of the best cancer.
Radish: root vegetables in a patron saint of "health"
Radish radish alias, many varieties, are cancer, so have the farmer's proverb: "winter turnip eat summer eat ginger, life need not run medicine hall" and "October radish water ginseng".Dutch people pronounce the carrot "national dish", Japan, the United States believes that it is a patron saint of "health" in the root vegetables.
Radish cancer, wide chest, phlegm, diuretic function.Radish contains a variety of enzymes, can eliminate the carcinogenic potential of nitrosamines, the quality of these can stimulate the body immunity, improve the activity of macrophages, enhance its ability to kill cancer cells.Spicy from radish mustard oil, it can stimulate peristalsis, promote the carcinogen, radish contains many inhibit mutagenic activity of unknown components.Vitamin C content in radish 8-10 times higher than apples, pears.The carrot because it contains rich carotene, also has excellent anti-cancer effects.
Kiwi: vitamin C content in fruit
Brown, like potatoes, its green as emerald, nucleotide delicious, this is the south mountain wild fruit, now transplanting to all parts of the country.The fruit is rich in sugar, protein, lipid, vitamins, organic acids and a variety of minerals.Vitamin C content in fruit, every 100 grams of fruit contains 200 mg, citrus is almost 100 times, 30 times that of the tomatoes, is worthy of the name "natural vitamin C tablets", it also contains rich which has the function of protecting vascular vitamin P, its high nutritional value.